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PHQ is short for "Philippine Honorable Queens" is headed by 

MARILOU TOLICO-VILLANUEVA, started as a personal advocacy.  Having undergone depression, difficulties and challenges, she rose above from all these and became an empowered woman she is today.

Through her journey, she has met women who surpassed all these challenges. PHQ Events was then created as a medium to recognize the role of the Filipino Women in the Society , giving recognition and awards to those women who excel in their chosen field that  give exemplary contribution to the society.  PHQ Awardees are chosen among ordinary yet inspiring women doing extraordinary things.

Launched last May 29, 2017 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila via PTV4 media coverage, PHQ Events, now creates events for some who are still continuously struggling and needing support, to further help more women by creating projects and programs inspired through the works and advocacy of our PHQ Awardees and now our Philippines Finest Woman advocates.  Part of our event proceeds will go to PHQ projects and community programs of the advocates.

Join us and together we can all make a difference.

Our Event Mission.

 We organize special events to RECOGNIZE empowered women in moving and inspiring the community. Through our events we SUPPORT these women  who have small, under-funded projects and encourage grass root projects to continue their life-saving work highlighting on the following issues and programs:

  • Anti-Domestic Violence against Women and Children and Anti-Human Exploitation

  • Personality Improvement for Anti-Depression/Anti-bullying Campaign and Awareness of Suicidal Behaviour

  • Livelihood and Seminar Programs

(by supporting women to be micro entrepreneurs)


More women will be inspired to do more for others.

Soon a recognition for strong men who inspire and support these women.

By supporting these women and men, we create a loving environment.

An environment to raise empowered individuals and children.

So our children and future children will change the way they see themselves positively.

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