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Mary Ferlyn "Beau" Villanueva

Mrs. Mary Ferlyn Villanueva, Beau as being fondly called by her friends, relatives and family. Born on September 11, 1976. On top of being a full time wife to a french born Medhi Houas and mother or 3kids Dasha 22, Ashleigh 13 and Jayden 10,  she has been living in Sydney Australia for the last 18years.

An Ilongga by soul and whom is so proudly by heart, born, brought up and educated in Iloilo, whom her mother (late Mary Jane Singson Villanueva) is from Cebu. And Ilonggo father Magno Villanueva.  Second from the siblings of 3 girls. Neadj is the eldest and Honey Villanueva Lazo as their youngest. Later moved to Metro Manila with her sisters and parents and soon started her own family. She is currently residing in Quezon City.

She devout herself being an active and vital voice for the LUPUS Australia, engaging in educating the federal, state and locally elected officials about the cruel mystery of Lupus. Hence, significantly advocating the vital voice on legislation and policies impacting people with Lupus and their families.


To this date, Lupus is one of the most under recognized and under funded chronic illnesses. With such prevalence and possibility   of fatality, public awareness of this illness needs to improve. With coordination to all proper channels, private and government organizations and  agency, actively working on  a foundation for all future advocacy work that will start and streamline the foundation of her advocacy work.

Photo credits:

Claudine Cervantes Callanta of Larawanmo

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